Coach  +  Intuitive  +  Speaker  +  Foodie

“In all affairs it's a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.”


I'm Heather Fancourt

Age 8-20 I was confident I would be a doctor. I misplaced that confidence in somewhere in my uni physics class and found it 10 years later in a coaching workshop. My mission is to introduce you to yourself. Because you're, like, so cool (and your confidence is likely crammed in your junk drawer).

Intuitive Channel

I've cultivated my spiritual connection my whole life, and spirit turned up the volume 13 years ago (Long story best told over something chocolate.) Short story is I channel and intuit spiritual information and feedback for people who are into that kind of thing (and so far they're fans).


In my experience, it's never about a decision, but how you make a decision. When I coach, I do one thing - reconnect with your current self. Conscious awareness of your thoughts, habits, beliefs, dreads, desires and details. When you're aware of those, next steps become clear.

Workshops + Speaking

Learning in groups is fun (and an excuse to have lots of tea and biscuits). I get super excited about delivering presentation & communication skills training. And I can talk for days about making intuition 4D, baking confidence cake and general assertive badassery. Let's chat!

Human Data

Data is invaluable when it comes to making a change - even if that data is 'I feel orange today' or 'My employees are motivated by learning and being informed - revelation!' I help people gather data - using metaphor, curious questions and Harrison Assessments (the scientific option).

Distil Coaching Ltd. >

Curious about development for yourself, your team or your company? You'll find more information about how I can help you to concentrate your impact at Distil Coaching Ltd. >​​​​​​​

Make Friends

Interested in coaching, training, a channeling session or just making friends?  Get in touch!

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